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Deep Mind Illumination 

Imagine your life without the current issue that is holding you back. How would that feel? What would you be doing differently?


Using RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy) I help my clients gain a deeper understanding of the root cause of their issue, usually in 1-3 sessions (depending on the depth of the presenting issue). Together with my client, we safely explore, unpack, release and set new beliefs. Some like to think of it as an update and reboot on your mental software – deleting outdated programming, clearing up junk files, getting rid of glitches and installing new and improved software that is totally tailored to you.

Wondering if RTT is for you?  Have a think about the following:

  • Needing to build confidence in your personal or professional life?

  • Overwhelmed with wanting everything to be perfect?

  • Want to find your purpose outside your current environment or family home?

  • Loosing sleep because you are trying to juggle too many balls?

  • Struggling to find balance in life?

  • Self-sabotaging despite your best efforts?

  • Feeling something is stopping you from having joy, health or business success?

  • Smiling on the outside – crying on the inside?

  • Trying to please others before yourself?

  • Unexplained pain or issues like reoccurring sore throats or headaches?

  • Lacking confidence in speaking your needs?


These are just some of the many issues that I can help you work on.


​Rapid Transformational Therapy is quick as most issues are addressed in 1-3 sessions. It’s lasting because it is reprogramming limiting beliefs and I have experienced how RTT can have a lasting change in life.

If you are motivated, open and ready to transform your life from a deeper level and are fully committed to putting in the required effort to make permanent, positive changes, then RTT will be a good fit for you.​

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